Miss Vonetta

The Owner

My name is Vonetta, founder of Laugh and Learn Childcare. I am a mother of four wonderful boys, who instilled in me my passion for caring and nurturing children. It is a privilege that I have the opportunity to work with children every day, to guide, teach, nurture, and develop them into the bright stars that they are. I find great joy in my daily routine to have a hand in preparing our community’s children for their future.

It is a wonderful feeling to get the opportunity to be a part of molding the growth of each child. It’s especially rewarding to have a job where I receive smiles, hugs, laughter, drawings, and get to enjoy the great moments that each child brings on a daily basis. I look forward to being a step in each child’s ladder of life experiences. Thank you for giving me the privilege to work with your most precious possession.

Our Motto

We foster innovation. We embrace teamwork. We strive for excellence We respect and support families. We commit to service at all levels. We respect and appreciate diversity. We communicate openly and productively. We use resources creatively and responsibly. We actively listen and seek to understand. We abide by the NAEYC Code of Ethics and Statement of Commitment.

Our Philosopy

We at Laugh and Learn Childcare daycare believe that it is very important when new families begin childcare they understand that our program and services offer developmentally appropriate curriculum and we aim to enhance social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth in all the kids left in our care.


I started working at the daycare with the kids, I asked myself ” what do I bring to the table.” Ever since my first day, I’m filled with a sense of fulfillment. Because, I realized, that it’s all about the kids. I appreciate sharing in their joy as we learn through play and songs. For me, spending time with the children has helped me in some aspects be better. I’ve become better at seeing in front and behind me, at the same time…lol. If anyone had asked me, before this job, if I would find working with kids enjoyable. I would’ve had said no. However, I would be wrong, because it is.


Growing up I never thought I would enjoy being around children since I was always stuck watching my younger siblings. However, I soon realized that working with children provided me with great lessons. It taught me patience and kindness something I had but never practiced before. I soon fell in love with the learning that came with my position. I wasn’t just teaching kids the alphabet. I was helping teach them how to be good people, to be kind, and to share. What I enjoyed most was the bond I shared with the kids in my care. The trust they instilled in me was something I cherished. Working in childcare has been great and I can’t wait to see where it takes me.
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