We are open 24 hrs a day (12 am to 12 am), 7 days a week (Monday to Sunday), 365 days a year, with exceptions of some holidays. Other hours may be arranged in advance as a daycare owner/director. We understand that each family has different needs and we at Laugh and Learn childcare center strive to meet all those needs, however, there are times we may not be able to accommodate every family, during such time we ask for your understanding.

Holiday care may be available, please check in advance. Holidays taken off with pay are:

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Black Friday
  • Christmas Day Day after Christmas Day/ Boxing Day
  • New Year’s Day
  • Labor Day
  • Martin Luther King Day
  • 4th Of July
  • Memorial Day

Each family may choose whether to pay for other holidays, but I ask that if you receive the day off with pay you should consider extending the courtesy to me.

We hope to remain open to provide for the needs of working parents, but in the event of extreme weather, we will not risk the safety of our children or staff. If the weather is a Level 3 then the daycare will be closed. In the event of school closings or delays, the children will be able to attend daycare and an additional member of staff will be called in to supervise them.

In the event of school closing parents can contact me and I will inform them if I will be able to accommodate kids not on my schedule, once I have an open spot. In all other circumstances, daycare will be open as per normal, from 12.00 am to 12.00 am.

Meals and snacks will be provided to all kids at daycare, meals will be served at 2-hour intervals during the course of the day, all meals are made daily, and meet the state and federal requirements regarding the amount(s) and type(s) of food. Lunch will contain 1/3 of the child’s dietary needs and include food from all 4 food groups, (protein, dairy, vegetables and fruits, and all whole grain), a daily breakdown of all meals and snacks will be posted on the wall in the dining area of the daycare.

ll meals served will meet the requirements of the ODJFS, we kindly ask that parents inform us upon registration of any allergies their kid(s) may have, so we will be able to cater to their specific needs.

Only children who have medical or religious reasons to why he/she cannot consume foods provided by the daycare, parents can inform us that prefer to bring their own food for their children. I just ask that the food follow the nutritional guidelines and that 3-4 food groups be present (protein, dairy, vegetables and fruits and all whole grain). However a medical form or letter from the child’s doctor, or religious letter from your place of worship is required to be placed on file.

** Please note that mothers of infants and toddlers who are breastfeeding and require privacy to breastfeed their child/children can do so in the infant room located on the first floor. Alternatively, mothers can pump the breast milk into bottles, label the bottles with the date and time of preparation and child’s name. This will be placed in the refrigerator until the desired feeding time. **

The children under our supervision will be allotted specific recreational time, children will not be taken outside when the temperature drops below 25 degrees or rises above 90 degrees. Play time will be adjusted accordingly based on the weather (rain/wind chills etc). Play time for the kids are: 8.30am to 9.30am, 11.00am to 11.30am, and 3.00pm to 4.30pm. 

Off site activities:  On occasions when we take field trips, parents will be informed before hand and will also be given the opportunities to volunteer has chaperons, this will enable parents to partake in activities and enable bonding time with their kids. Places we will normally take kids on field trips are: 
  • Chucky cheeses 
  • Toledo Zoo 
  • Imagination station
  • The Library
  • Rave Cinemas 

Open communication is very important to us and highly appreciated when it comes to you and your childcare provider, it makes the situation a lot easier when you provide me with any updates on problems or accomplishments your child is making. It helps us to work together as a team for your child’s best interest. Parents are welcome to visit or call upon us anytime your child is in our care.

Parents desirous of meeting with the owner to discuss each day’s activities and how your child responds to each activity, their progress, or and questions and concerns can have a one on one with the owner Mondays between 1 pm to 3 pm and Saturdays between 1 pm and 3 pm. All parents should feel free to reserve a time slot with me in advance.


  • Hourly – $15.00 (Part-time) 
  • Weekly- $198.00 (Part-time) – $280.00 (Full-Time) 


  • Hourly – $11.82 (Part-time) – 
  • Weekly- $189.00 (Part-time) $250.00 (Full-Time)


  • Hourly – $6.00 (Part-time)
  • Weekly- $183.00 (Part-time) – $240.00 (Full-Time) 

School Age: 

  • Hourly – $5.00 (Part-time)
  • Weekly- $124.00 (Part-time) – $190.00 (Full-Time)

Summer School: 

  • Hourly – $6.00 (Part-time)
  • Weekly- $158.00(Part-time) – $170.00 (Full-Time) 

Childcare rates are based off of the Lucas county program standards. There is a $75.00 registration fee, rates are effective 02/03/2019.

Evening and night care programs have additional prices of $5.00 more, these apply to the children who attend day-care after 5 pm. Any requested childcare outside the agreed contracted days or hours will be subjected to the same fees stated above. 

Parents are responsible for drop-off and pick-up of their child by the time stated on their enrollment agreement. If there are any changes in your regular routine you can make arrangements for your child to be cared for to accommodate your weekly schedule, however, if you will be later than the agreed time, it is required that you pay an overtime fee of $1.00 for every minute past the agreed time. Under no circumstance will this policy be waived. Please be on time!!!! Whenever you are too early or late picking up or dropping off your child/children to and from daycare, you are messing with the daily routine ratios. 


You will be charged a late payment fee of $45.00 every time you are late paying your child’s tuition or co-pay. If payment is not received by 7 pm on Fridays or Mondays, your child will not be allowed to return to care until all payments including late charges are made. Some situations may require pre-paid child care. Payments may be made by cash only. (NOTE: I do not have change if you choose to pay in cash make sure you have enough to pay in full if you go over the amount due I will credit your account for the next week).

There is a late fee of $25.00 for each day that payments are late, parents must add this in when making payments. It is in good faith that I do not ask for an additional week’s tuition in advance to cover any potential loss I may occur as other providers may do. I in turn ask you to deal fairly with me per our agreement. Please do not put me in the position of having to tell your child/children that he or she cannot come inside and play. Thanks for understanding, I am running a business and not a charity service.

The state law requires all necessary forms must be completed and returned to me before I assume the responsibility of caring for your child. NO EXCEPTIONS!! 

A $75.00 non-refundable registration fee will be required at the time of enrollment. When enrolling, one week’s tuition fee is due, this payment will be held and be used as a deposit, any funds remaining when you dis-enroll will be available for use towards your child/children last week’s payment. Deposit and Tuition are non-refundable!! 

Parents are required to inform the owner of the daycare of any health information in regards to their child/children, so this information can be saved in the child’s file. If there are any changes to the information held on file, parents should inform us immediately so we can update the child’s file. A completed medical is required to be submitted within 30 days of admission, this medical/physical must be updated every 12 months (once yearly). 

We will not keep kids in our care who have not had a medical done and who are not properly vaccinated and or immunized, this is to safeguard the health of the other children and workers at the childcare center. 

I believe sanitation is a large part of keeping everyone healthy. Every attempt is made to keep toys, doorknobs, play areas, diapering and toileting areas, bedding, eating areas, etc are sanitized daily. These items are regularly put through the dishwasher, washing machine, or cleaned with a bleach solution. Hand washing and other good health measures for the children and caregivers are practiced often. Our home is cleaned weekly and as needed. You can help by keeping your child’s nails trimmed.

If I am expecting you to bring your child, please knock or ring the bell and wait for an answer, if the door is unlocked, feel free to knock and enter. Short goodbyes are advised, this makes it easier even if your child cries, its usually just for a few minutes. Always try to be prompt, we will not delay activities to accommodate lateness. Please call if you are running late. 

The door may be locked at various times to prevent persons from entering the premises uninvited. For security reasons access to the daycare, which is still my home is limited to only parents/guardians and staff members after 5 pm. No other persons are permitted in the childcare center after this time. 

An adult must accompany the child in and out of the facility each day. Please do not leave your car running and unattended in the driveway. Please do not let your child/children run out to your car while you are still inside. They may be other cars on the street and a serious incident could occur. Please monitor and keep your child or children in check always about leaving the yard without an adult, do not allow your kids to play near the vehicles at any time, this kind of behavior is not allowed, the daycare will not be responsible. 

The adult must sign in or out the child on a daily sign-in sheet, so that we may keep track of the attendance and times. 

I will ask to see identification from the person other than the child’s parents/guardian. If the person is not on the authorized list I must have written permission from the parent or guardian to release the child. If you arrange to have someone else pick up your child that person must already be authorized by you on your child’s emergency information form. I will not release your child to any unauthorized person. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!! 

Sometimes at drop-off or pick-up, the children may get rowdy because someone else is here(you). Please show your child that you respect the rules by reminding them and enforcing them while you are here. You are responsible for the safety and behavior of your child/children while you are present. If needed, I will remind your child about the rules. See below for a list of house rules. 

Parents and guardians are responsible for what their children do, destroy, injure, etc. Daycare members and owners cannot be held liable for any accidents, injures, or damage. 

House Rules:  Everyone will show respect for others, themselves and the property 
  • No hitting, biting, pushing, kicking, etc 
  • No running or jumping in the house No picking up babies or toddlers 
  • No leaving the house or yard 
  • No name-calling, teasing or bullying 
  • No food or drink brought into the home (unless prearranged) 
  • No gum 
  • No children allowed in undesignated areas of the home or yard 
  • No toys brought from home 

At all times children left in care will be in sight and hearing distance of a staff member, We are an equal opportunity daycare and treat all kids regardless of race, creed or ability the same, all our kids are treated with respect and thought to respect others and authority figures. If a child is well behaved or does his or her work correctly we encourage these kids will small treats, or gold stars (these are given to the child as a form of achievement) and at the end of the week the child with the most stars is awarded a special treat or toy, and extra playtime is given to the everyone, thus promoting unity and encouraging the kids to always do their best.

Kids who constantly misbehave or are disobedient will be put on timeout, timeouts will usually last for 1 minute of every year of the child’s age (does not include infants) or until the child has calmed down and understood that certain behavior will not be tolerated. Timeouts will be for kids ranging from toddlers and upwards. Parents/guardians will be informed of their child’s behavior at pick up time. When two different authority figures are present (parent and provider), kids tend to act up, in these situations I will remind your child if inappropriate behaviors are being displayed. Please be prepared to back me up, if your rules and desires are being tested I am ready to back you up as well.

Occasionally, I will take the kids on field trips or errands. All children will be in a car seat or booster seat and be properly buckled in, all spontaneous outings will be during regular daycare hours.
Parents will be notified of planned field trips in writing permission forms will be sent out to each parent to give his/her consent, these forms should be returned signed by the parent/parents. A note will be left on the front door or someone at the daycare will always know the whereabouts of the kids.

We do not provide pick-up and drop-off transportation to kids to or from school or home.

In the event of a serious illness or injury to the child, the emergency services (911) will be contacted immediately, the parents will be contacted and will be informed on where to meet if the child needs to be transported to the hospital for treatment. We will only transport kids whose parents consent to us taking their child/children to a medical institution when contacted.

We will not be taking the kids to any pools to take part in any water activities or swimming.

When you feel your child is ready for toilet training, I ask that you begin this teaching at home. I will follow through and encourage your child while in my care, however, your child will need to remain in diapers or pull-ups during daycare hours until he/she has shown the ability to remain accident-free in your home for a period of at least two weeks.


Infants are checked upon arrival to ensure they have no visible marks or bruises, their diapers are checked upon arrival if needed changing it will be changed, diapers are then checked every hour and changed every 2 hours or if there is a visible sign that the infant has soiled themselves (if the caregiver smells the infant has soiled themselves) the diapers are changed immediately. Each infant is removed from their infant seat or crib an allowed the opportunity to crawl or move around every day. An infant daily report is filled out daily and given to each parent upon departure, this form discloses information such as diaper changes, nap length, amount of bottles given per day, and activity type and time. 

Children often appear to be trained in a calmer, quieter home situation but are not yet able to listen to their body’s signals when presented with the distractions of a group care environment. In case of an accident during the day, please bring a complete change of clothing. During this stage, I also ask that you please dress your child in user-friendly clothing. This makes it easier for your child to make it to the potty on time. 

Monthly assessment will be done on all kids left in my care, they will be taught basic things like writing, ABC, spelling, numbers, etc and will be assessed monthly to ensure they are on track with learning for their age range. Kids will be awarded treats, gold stars, and playtime for displaying good behavior and excelling at basic learning. Parents of kids will be given the completed assessment and informed of their child or children’s progress.

Assessments are not done for ODJFS, in regards to stepping up the quality.

Items may be brought in a bag each day or stored at daycare then replaced as needed. Things necessary to bring are:

  • Diapers (pull-ups or training pants)
  • Baby wipes, powder, and ointment
  • Pacifier, blanket, security items
  • Teething medications, Tylenol.
  • Complete change of clothes
  • Jackets, raincoats, sweatshirts
  • Bottle or cup if your child needs one for the ride home
  • Full-sized box of tissues

If your child goes home with a bag of dirty clothes, be sure to replace them with clean ones for the next day. Please dress your child in play clothes that are easy to move in, comfortable, and suitable for the weather.

I ask that parents with toddlers make sure to bring an adequate number of diapers, wet wipes, and a complete change of clothes. I provide a container for these supplies with your child’s name on it. I will let you know when your child is getting low on any supplies.

By law, I am required to report any suspected cases of child abuse or neglect. If at anytime a parent or guardian attempts to pick up a child from my home while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, I will attempt to arrange alternate transportation for your child to your home. If this is not possible, I am legally bound to release the child to your custody and alert the police of the situation.

This house is our home first and a daycare second, please respect this. I will not discriminate concerning admission as provided in U.S federal discrimination laws.
Occasionally, I will ask for a small donation or fee to help cover the cost of special programs or projects. These donations are never mandatory and no child will be excluded from an activity because of non-donation. As a provider, I reserve the right to make changes in the daycare environment without advance notice to the parents, as long as any changes remain within regulations and to the providers, knowledge will not compromise the physical and mental well being of the children in care. This may include physical changes in the environment, as well as additions of pets or other children in the home.
Please understand that the hours your child is in care are strictly daycare.
Also please note that we are a non-smoking family, smoking is not allowed in our home or on the premises, please extinguish your cigarette and EXHALE before entering.

I am only one person with more than ten families to cater to. I CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLEASE EVERYBODY AT THE SAME TIME. During our busy day, there are so many things to do and keep track of, I am happy to give medications, keep the children changed and cleaned, make sure everyone gets a restful nap and many other things. I am sorry but I do not have the time to do other tasks such as brush teeth, check homework, constantly hold your child and other extras, like potty training a child whose parents claimed they were already potty trained but that’s not the case.

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